Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Pickering Skateboard Board Proposal Open House

Pickering Skateboard Board Proposal Open House

The open house was overwhelmingly positive with a good turnout of skaters, other park users and the public. I spoke again with The News Advertiser's Kristen Calis and introduced her to Mike Temos, who had started the petition and video in January of this year.  Bill Gurney of New Line Skateparks hosted the design workshop, starting by showing some of his companies projects and then letting skaters submit their ideas and rate obstacles they want on a 3 boards covered with different park items. 
This panel shows some potential locations for new skate spots in Pickering and uses my photo for the skate dot reference. 

Everything can be found here -> Pickering Parks & Rec Master Plan
Feedback Forms - Feedback can also be emailed to

Today the News Advertiser came out with an article on the Skateboard Park Strategy Open House and my man, Mike Temos & Phil Rumble got the cover!!
Article can be found HERE

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