Thursday, 13 April 2017

The Last Couple Days...

The Last Couple Days...

I went to CJ's for a session the other night. I don't skate there as often as I used to and this may have been the last time at the current location. CJ's is moving to Mississauga. 

I liked the new(er) 'Skateboard Only' area. The Mini-ramp was cool and there's a big selection of old boxes and rails.

I tried out the vert ramp for the first time. I had never dropped in here before but I felt I had to try it that night.
I eventually had success. 
The big slam really hurt my wrist. It got swollen and sore and I was worried I'd fractured it.

Saturday morning I woke up and the wrist felt like it was improving so I went out to Picton to meet up with Kurt of The Dirty Jags and his friends.

Thom & Tim

I asked a friendly little girl if she could take our photo. Her dad said he'd do it and she invited herself into our group with her sister.

Videos later.

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Pop-Up Parks

Pop-Up Parks

House of Vans; Toronto 2017
Pop-up Skatepark with a replica of the famous San Francisco Pier 7 skate spot. There was also a community market and concert. Only on from March 31- April 2, 2017. Park 305.


House of Vans: Toronto 2016

Dew Underground - Toronto 2015