Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Pickering Skateboard Board Proposal Open House

Pickering Skateboard Board Proposal Open House

The open house was overwhelmingly positive with a good turnout of skaters, other park users and the public. I spoke again with The News Advertiser's Kristen Calis and introduced her to Mike Temos, who had started the petition and video in January of this year.  Bill Gurney of New Line Skateparks hosted the design workshop, starting by showing some of his companies projects and then letting skaters submit their ideas and rate obstacles they want on a 3 boards covered with different park items. 
This panel shows some potential locations for new skate spots in Pickering and uses my photo for the skate dot reference. 

Everything can be found here -> Pickering Parks & Rec Master Plan
Feedback Forms - Feedback can also be emailed to

Today the News Advertiser came out with an article on the Skateboard Park Strategy Open House and my man, Mike Temos & Phil Rumble got the cover!!
Article can be found HERE

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Pickering Skateboard Park Strategy Meeting

The City has actually been promoting the event with their own posters that are at the skatepark and the mall shops, in the newspaper and on their website. I've received 5 separate emails inviting me to the event.

The best type of skateboard news! The City of Pickering is having 

Skatepark Strategy meeting June 27 at 5pm at The Pickering

Recreation Complex. Come show support and give your input &

ideas. This is a chance to grow skateboarding (&bmx etc.) in 

Pickering; not to complain about the current park. 

Yes, we only have one bad park. 

Yes, it's the oldest in Durham. 

This is the chance to say we need skatable obstacles in more areas 

in Pickering as well as a large,modern skatepark like the ARC. 

Newline Skateparks will be there! 

Oh, and The Pickering West Shore Community Association has

hired someone to work with to design a skate spot, hopefully for 

West Shore, but it could end up anywhere in the city.

Thursday, 8 June 2017

June 7, 2017

I planned a day out to the Windsor area and to work my way back. I few years ago I was out hitting Tecumseh and Forest Glade and my old GPS didn't have Vollmer Rec Complex in it yet.
I hate letting parks get away.
Got up and decided to take Gnorman just for fun.
Gnorman is my co-pilot.
 West Lorne was first.
171 Graham St, behind the arena.
Rodney was second.
Roughly @ 261 Ridout St in the middle of the track.
Two pretty bad parks. One decent ledge.

I made it to La Salle.
I was disappointed with a lot of features of this park. I don't know who the designer/builder is yet but here's my speculation.
Some company built a park or two in the area based off professional designs and thought "hey, we could do this ourselves." The park came out ok but missed the mark on some key features.
Over all it looks pretty good.
 The overhead view shows the 2 entrances to the park have a pier 7 ledge and a small stair and hubba section. These sections slope down, away from the park, and they are asphalt.

 The Pier 7 section also has some gnarly sunken concrete. 
 Coping on the tombstone is a little wack
 The step-up is a little cockeyed. 
The 5 foot quarter is uneven and goes to vert.
The park is missing a flat rail and the pitch of the hubbas and down rail is steep.
While it's not the worst park I've ever been to, it fell short of expectations.
2121 Laurier Parkway.

 Essex was next. It's a typical modular park but shows a great example of why visibility is important to a skatepark. The only graffiti is on the section hidden from the street.
60 Fairview Ave W

Erieau, ON. That's the run up to the stairs, rail and hubbas.
Gnorman is sick of waiting for me.
Near the end of Mariners Rd, Erieau.

Blenheim, ON Another bad park but these kids could rip it. Bulging QP, crazy pyramid, no run up stairs. Fantastic.
 Gnorman saw stuff go down.
199 King St @ the Arena

20 Ebenezer St W by the watertower
So glad I didn't go to college here.
Ridgetown, ON. Even worse. Messing up the cameras. 
Home time.

Thursday, 25 May 2017

King of the Road 2016

King of the Road 2016

I'm looking forward (as I always do) to KOTR2016. I could care less that Viceland got involved cause you still get the webisodes. The show is just a bit more in depth.
The mystery guests are some amazing women, Samarria Brevard, Nora Vasconcellos & Lacey Baker (girl guests was done in 2010 with Lacey being one of the guests) and the teams have all been on KOTR before(i think).

From the trailer it looks like:
The Muska, Geoff Rowley(sounds like?), Andy MacDonald, JAWS & Andy Roy is back as Host?

The teams (or one of them) are traveling across the southern USA.
El Paso, TX. - Van Buren Dam is in a few shots.
Albuquerque, NM - Enjoi appears to be wearing 'Breaking Bad' type chemical suits and what looks like an ABQ skatepark
Lake Havasu, AZ - Gravette appears to rollerskate at Tinnell Memorial Skatepark.
Geoff Rowley's Arizona ramp??? Maybe, kinda looks like it.
San Diego, CA - Clairmont Skatepark Skatercross course with Andy Mac
Hawaii? - Some ocean shots and Instagram posts from the contestants and one of the ditches looks straight out of 'Animal Chin'.  Plus Andys little hula dance.

Looks like crazy fun. Comment below.

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Pickering West Shore Community Association Is Hiring a Summer Student!

Pickering West Shore Community Association Is Hiring a Summer Student!
Job Description:
To compile information and produce, prepare and submit working drawings and specifications for a Skateboard Park suitable for a variety of locations in the City of Pickering.
Hours of work:
30 hours per week. Flexible to work from home and out on location.
To attend committee meetings as required.
Carry out research and assignments as instructed
2nd or 3rd year students in Durham who is presently in urban planning, landscape architecture, undergrads program or similar program/related fields.
AutoCAD or 3D Design experience an asset
Interest in action sports and community involvement
The ability to work independently and in groups
Compensation: $12.40 hr.
Commence June 2017 to August 31st, 2017
Please email resume to P.W.S.C.A. by May 26th, 2017.
Twitter: @Pickering_PWSC


I put this one off til the last possible moment. SkateLoft will be re-opening at a new location soon and when it does I'll be there.

Friday, 19 May 2017

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Trick

The Good
Firstly - New Skatepark for Malvern following the success of 42 Rides summer skatepark.

From The Toronto Skateboarding Committee - The TSC is excited to announce that Neilson Park in Scarbourough is the proposed location for Toronto's next permanent concrete skatepark. The city will be hosting a meeting on Tuesday May 30th (6:30 - 8:30pm at 30 Sewells Rd) to introduce the project and the proposed location. We would like to thank everyone who helped make this happen including, City and Parks staff, TSC members and everyone in the skateboarding community that filled out surveys and emailed their councillors, and especially the crew from Malvern that have been working tirelessly over many years to create a thriving skateboarding community. 
Check them out at @TSC416 and @42_Rides on Instagram and come out and show support.

I got out to Angus Glen Skatespot in Markham. Park #306

I made it out to the last sesh(that's the bad) at SkateLoft. Park #307

They will be reopening in a new location. Details as they become available.

The Ugly Trick
Backside Board slide and roll.

Lastly, we found out a little girl will be joining out family in October. Mama is healthy and big brother is stoked.

Thursday, 13 April 2017

The Last Couple Days...

The Last Couple Days...

I went to CJ's for a session the other night. I don't skate there as often as I used to and this may have been the last time at the current location. CJ's is moving to Mississauga. 

I liked the new(er) 'Skateboard Only' area. The Mini-ramp was cool and there's a big selection of old boxes and rails.

I tried out the vert ramp for the first time. I had never dropped in here before but I felt I had to try it that night.
I eventually had success. 
The big slam really hurt my wrist. It got swollen and sore and I was worried I'd fractured it.

Saturday morning I woke up and the wrist felt like it was improving so I went out to Picton to meet up with Kurt of The Dirty Jags and his friends.

Thom & Tim

I asked a friendly little girl if she could take our photo. Her dad said he'd do it and she invited herself into our group with her sister.

Videos later.

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Pop-Up Parks

Pop-Up Parks

House of Vans; Toronto 2017
Pop-up Skatepark with a replica of the famous San Francisco Pier 7 skate spot. There was also a community market and concert. Only on from March 31- April 2, 2017. Park 305.


House of Vans: Toronto 2016

Dew Underground - Toronto 2015