Monday, 12 December 2016

Some Stuff for a Snowy Day

Some Stuff for a Snowy Day

Left over footy from Road Rage this summer including the sesh and slam at the DIY and some other assorted firsts.

Caledon Village Skatepark & Alton Bike Park Update
Preliminary designs were unveiled on December 1st for the new parks. The Town of Caledon is still taking feedback on the designs. Info and contacts can be found HERE. I think the skatepark could use a flat rail but that's just my opinion. The bike park looks pretty hype. I may have to dig my BMX out of storage or throw some fat wheels and risers on an old board.

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Hey Welland!

Hey Welland!
Looks like you're getting a new park!!! Get involved. I'm sure you know how the parks in Port Colbourne, Dunnville and Phelam turned out. Get involved and give your input.
EDIT: There's a meeting on Jan 30th. That's all the info I have. 

Milton Community Park Skatepark

Milton Community Park Skatepark

I'll admit I was not hyped on the design when I first saw it. I thought the flow section was too narrow and features like the 'Taco Grande' and the 'Donut Roll' were unnecessary. They may be neat "artistic" features, but how functional would they be?
 Original concept. Actual park is flipped.
I though (based on the 3D render) that the Donut would look like this.

Checked out the construction on day and everything looked pretty good.

 I'm happy to say I was wrong about the design and this park is great. The park is larger than the design suggests. The flow section is wide and you can pump, launch, flow and build speed. The tech sections were big and perfect. The space donut is fantastic. The bowl has steps and a deathbox and is just right for experienced shredders or kids learning to ride transition from the bottom up.  The middle of the triangular design is concrete so you can skate and transfer everywhere and there's no debris from a grass infield.  Oh, and it’s lit!

From the top on the 'Taco Grande'

The 'Space Donut'

Flow section & Big Stairs.


Big Set

Small Section & Tech Zone from the Bank to Curb.

Nice, smooth Amoeba Bowl.

Bowl features Pool Coping, Stairs and a Deathbox.

Friday, 2 December 2016

Ontario's Worst Bowls

Ontario's Worst Bowls
Warning: This is a tongue in cheek article.
Included are the reasons these bowls didn't make the 'Best Of' list. The worst is first and this article is padded for length. Some of these bowl are fun. Just not Dryden.

Dryden, ON
A, then four year old, park in Northern Ontario looked okay from afar but but was far from okay.
Pre-cast concrete was shipped to the site rather than the park being poured in place.
The result was a cracked...
...and broken...
...and shifted park
It was actually too dangerous to skateboard in this bowl.
 The welds had snapped.
 The pre-cast concrete had broken...
 ...there huge gaps with filler that had also disintegrated. 

Orillia, ON
 Orillia has a wonderful location for their skatepark. It was built in 1999, an era when skatepark design was in it's infancy.

 The transition to 'vert' is kinked(concave? oververt?).
The coping (added later?) sits on top on the flat.
Bike tire tracks made in the fresh cement were never fixed.

Icelands - Mississauga, ON
 Not a bad design but this bowl is showing its age. The drain is in the middle of the park but water pools at both ends
The coping has cracked and come apart. 
Some of the concrete has degraded under the coping
The flatbottom in the bowl has sunk leading to a lip right before the transition in some spots. The good news is I sent these and other pictures of issues with Icelands to the Mississauga Parks Division and some repairs were made and others will be addressed as weather allows.

McLennan Skatepark - Kitchener, ON
 I have no issues with the overall design of this bowl, it's what happened after. The skatepark (the entire park) is built on a former dump hence the the nickname Mt. Trashmore. The skatepark was placed on pileings (some say not enough). Either way, the bowl shifted and now water pools in areas without drains.
The 'Hot Tub' was never supposed to hold water. (Update. The 'hot-tub' transition was removed so water can drain off this area to the grass.)

Midland, ON
This small bowl is lumpy and features coping flush with the concrete(no-ping). This was the only poured part of a pre-cast park.

Bad Design
 Both Bowmanville(above) and Pickering(below) were designed by the same company and boasted 3' and 2' "bowls".

 Mt. Forest has a hubba going into its bowl which has tiny no-ping.

Georgetown's original park has features that all lead into the middle. Halton Hills is looking for input on Action Sports. FIND THE SURVEY HERE! 

Classic Parks
Some parks have dated features or were never designed as skateparks in the first place. Forgive me if I knock some of your favourites.

Beasley Bowl, Hamilton, ON
A wading pool converted to a skatepark. This one is extremely popular and loved by locals. It's an interesting one to ride.

Napanee, ON

The Aud - Kitchener, ON.
 Napanee and The Aud both have a mellow kidney shape with no coping. Great for launches but not great bowls.