Wednesday, 29 June 2016

What a day to take off.

What a day to take off.

I took a much needed day off to just go and skate some parks that are outside my normal routes.  I got out to a park in Hamilton I'd driven by but didn't see the ramp. I later found the dirty twin of Brantford's Rainbow Ramp.  The Dirty Ramp has a huge flat bottom and different height quarters. I didn't lose any speed between the two walls.

I then checked out a park I'd only found out about in New Line's 2014 Season Update. Six Nations Skatepark is easily one of the best small parks in Ontario. Check them out HERE.

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After a good sesh, I went to the new park in Caledonia. It, along with Dunnville, was built by Stantec and both had grand openings on September 26, 2015.  I was part of a design work shop in Burlington that used Stantec. The park design was fine but the city went with pre-cast concrete and the park has major issues. Not really sure why they didn't go with a Canadian company but that's probably politics.

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Stopped in Caygua on the way to Dunnville. This 'memorial' park needs to be re-built and re-dedicated.  I skated with the locals and encouraged them to go to council. With every other community in the area getting updated parks they need something too.

Lastly, I hit Dunnville. It has a fun design and layout. The kicker gap is less intimidating. I was getting a bunch of tricks but couldn't really put a line together. A local guy, Dave, was filming his friends and caught a totally epic bail when I tried to ollie the 6 set(I'd done it successfully prior to the bail). Nice park for my 290th. 
10 more and I can retire (yeah, right! Wife's asking me to build a quarter pipe for her)

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Grabbed some fries and said Hi to Muddy on the way out of town.

Dunnville, ON

Dunnville, ON
Triangular lines with huge manny pad in middle.  6 set, bank, rails, hubbas and step-up to ‘A’ frame with gap or roller.  Q with trail off coping, big ‘half coin’ bank and ledge over small manny pad complete the park. Fun for lines. Park #290.

 Slappy roller.

Lions Park
640 Lock St. W.

Cayuga, ON

Cayuga, ON
Corner quarter pipe where coping becomes a ledge that descends and ends at the grass. Park #289

61 Ouse St. S.

Caledonia, ON

Caledonia, ON

 Big kicker gap

 This section is really sloped. It won't collect water but looks and feels a little weird.

Good fences make good photos
100 Haddington St.

Ohsweken, ON

Ohsweken, ON
Six Nations Skatepark
Built by New Line.  Features include clamshell quarter, scooped out step-up gap, narrow up/down ledge, big rail down the bank, flat rail and manny pad.  Marble ledge with ‘A’ frame rail/mellow wedge on one side and roller on the other. Long quarter features a ‘wampum belt’ inlay and an extension. Park #287

Donor Path
 Scooped out step-up
 Rail on the flat has a slight slope to it making it a little more challenging and unique

 Wampum Belt Inlay
The Wampum is the Hiawatha Belt which represents the Tree of Peace and the 5 Nations that buried their weapons.
'A' Frame rail and mellow wedge
 At first I thought the stone had a crack in it but on closer inspection it's just a vein of quartz running through it.
 Roller and ledge
Bank, Q and Extension

Check out their Facebook - Here
1738 4th Line Near the arena.