Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Skatepark Etiquette

Skatepark Etiquette

If you aren't aware the skatepark is a community space you don't belong there. Go workout at a gym where you can mind your own busniess with your headphones.  The official rules of a skatepark are usually posted.
This park has seen it all.

What is often missing in larger or busy parks is manners. Skatepark etiquette is the unwritten (even though it's written everywhere) rules of the skatepark. I've seen the park used as a babysitter, a soccer field and a RC car track.  I won't touch on the pros and cons of scooters except to say this: 1) At least the kid's not on the couch and 2) When scooter kids fall, their hands are occupied and not available to catch themselves. This results in worse injuries than skateboarders falling. Handlebars are also great tooth removers.  
I have found younger and scooter users of the park have no sense of spatial awareness and have to be taught etiquette.
I found this one online.
 Aimed at skaters and BMXers and it's pretty good. Here are some I believe are good etiquette for all users of the park.

1) No Spitting on the park. Duh. It's gross.
2) No Marathon runs. If you have to push in the bowl because you have no speed, it's time to get out.
3) No Smoking. It's probably the law at the park anyway.
4) No Smoking. I won't touch on the morality of using marijuana here. If you need to smoke some shrubs, take a little walk and don't bring your bong to the park.
5) Throw out your trash or take it with you.
6) No Fires
7) Go find a toilet.
8) No snaking. Wait your turn. You can take back to back runs if no one else wants to go but you better look around first.
9) Don't over wax. As above but scooters need lots of wax to slide the aluminum across anything. Also, don't wax the ground.
10) The end of a rail or hubba is not a good place to hang out.
11) Anyone already moving has the right of way. Be sure they will not intersect your path.

After a kid got in my way several times while trying the same trick I yelled "who belongs to this kid?"  When a parent (or babysitter?) arrived I said "Do your know how hurt I'll be if I hit your kid? Not at all"

Surprisingly, there is a International Scooter Association Etiquette & Safety Guide.
I guess they haven't read them.