Saturday, 9 April 2016

April Fools

April Fools

On April 1st I was featured in a April Fools Day video for a Paramedic Skateboard Response Team.  We filmed me skating at Mississauga Icelands. 
My first solo part I guess.
Not the best shot or edited but it was fun to do. Even if it was only 3 degrees the day we filmed. I'm sure everyone can do without the 12 seconds of me breathing heavily at the end. 

It was followed up with a safety message.
Super zoom into my crotch after landing primo. I worked hard to get one kickflip and they didn't even use the good one. Just me failing.

Sunday, 3 April 2016

House of Vans - Toronto

House of Vans - Toronto
In celebration of their 50th year, Vans opened a pop-up skatepark/venue in Toronto for 2 weeks. It held workshops, demos, art expos, skateboard lessons and concerts. Everyday featured a free waffle breakfast. I was only able to get there for the last day but it was fun. I went with my friend Jay, who can be seen in the new Baitshop Presented vid - DAD BEERS.
We checked out the place and grabbed a waffle first.
 The building is becoming a brewery next.

 Some history.
Waffle on a stick and coffee. So good. 

We had some time to kill before the free skate so we skated down to Honest Ed's.  Going to Ed's with my dad is one of my earliest memories of Toronto when we moved there so I wanted to go once more before it closes in December.
I had no plans on buying anything but on the way to the exit I spotted this.
It was a sign. Bought it for $2.26 and kept the receipt.
Checked out the Bickford Ledges.
 Bad Pano.

 Some of Jays shots.

 Everyone was skating their hardest. It was a blast.

Sadly, it's over. But I did get a waffle stick for the memory box.
Park 277.