Thursday, 24 December 2015

Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas.
It's warm enough to skate outdoors here in Toronto so I took a quick roll down the street.
Looking back: 
Two years ago the Ice Storm had just rolled through and many were still without power.
 Dropping off a skateboard for the Tattooed Santa Toy and Food Cruise @ Thrive Studios, Cambridge.
 We were lucky our damage was minimal but this branch almost hit our dogs, who wanted to pee at 2am.

A year ago I had hit Elmira a few days before and was working a night shift on Christmas Eve.
Cold but clear.
The bowl, however, was not clear. I would have to wait until spring to skate it.

But the biggest surprise last Christmas was our son being born early on Christmas Day.
Three days old with his first deck.

This past year has flown by. Watching our little man grow, skating with my wife and with friends and doing some skatepark advocacy.

 I'll have to get some trucks and wheels soon.
 Gem joined us at Skatelife this year and we hope his trip home is safe and his return is soon.
 Logan wasn't sure of Tattooed Santa, but left some skateboards for the toy drive anyways.

Skatelife hit up Muskoka Woods again this year. Here's the clip.

12.5 foot drop-in and biggest boardslide I've ever done in one clip.

More to come...

Saturday, 12 December 2015

Skating Through December

If you're looking for a cool gift this year I suggest checking out Skate Stratford ( They are fundraising for a new park (photos of the current park can be found HERE) and donations of as low as $50 will get you on the donor wall plus a T-shirt.  Stratford has been fighting long and hard for this park. Check out their Facebook -

This year give the gift of Skateboarding. Donate to a Park Project or drop off a complete to a Toy Drive. You might change someones life.
It looks like it might be a green Christmas in the Toronto Area so GO SKATE.

Friday, 4 December 2015

Caesarea, ON

Caesarea, ON
Now open officially, (A Grand Opening will be held May 14, 2016) Caesarea has a beautiful park to call their own. Designed by Spectrum Skataparks, it features wave patterns on some ledges and the rails are supported by anchors, paying respect to the town's waterfront history. The Mayor even took a ride on his board( kudos for the helmet Mayor. You set a good example.)
This was the 12th park this year and 276th on the life list. Well done Susie and everyone else involved. Thanks to the two nice ladies who held my son so I could sweep and take a quick ride on the park.