Friday, 2 October 2015

October 2, 2015 - A day of 4 parks.

October 2, 2015 - A day of 4 parks.
I always set myself goals when it comes to skateboarding. Usually they involve hitting certain parks or getting involved in projects. I wanted to hit 10 new parks this year (hit 60 new last year) and with the birth of my son, I felt this low number was attainable. This morning I ventured back to the KW area and after breakfast with friends I went to the long delayed Wellesley Park. # 273 Not pretty but I'll take it.

 Damaged leg on modular ledge.
A single quarter pipe.
It took over 8 years and a mid construction halt to end up with this.  Half of the budget was spent on excavation, refilling and re-excavating the site. Read some of this stupid story here - Obverver Wellesley skatepark.

Next, I went back to Elmira to skate a little and get the snow free shots I didn't get at the grand opening as I was having too much fun.

Next I headed to the new park in Kitchener in Fischer Park near Forest Heights Library. After breaking up a stupid high school fight I skated and my back truck nearly lost its bolt. The park is really nice but I feel it could have been better. The youth at the design meeting I attended seemed very entitled. I'll explain- Kitchener budgeted for 2 skatepark to be built over 4 years (at an est. cost of 400000-500000$ each). None of the youth were willing to compromise on what they wanted and to result was a really deep bowl (9 foot. First render had shallower bowl with stairs) and smaller everything else (5 set and 3.5 foot quarter. Most ledges and rails were raised for bikes.) In the end, most skaters wanted a plaza and Bmx'rs wanted a deep bowl to air out of.  What I believe in the end will be two really good parks could have been two amazing parks if the guys at the design meeting had realized that with a little patience they could have 1 amazing plaza park and 1 amazing bowl park. But maybe that's the grey hairs talking. Park # 274.

 This old dude, borrowed my board, said it was too tight, tried to do a spin & fell.

Last I went to the new park in Cambridge.
I like it. It has a nice long ledge over the manny pad. Park # 275 and apparently my 11th park of the year.

Cool day. Now bed.