Saturday, 27 June 2015

New Hobby

I bought a used drum set out of a craigslist shower and re-finished it.

It came out so well I decided to another...with a twist.  

 Old Westbury kit purchased for $40.
Stripped and sanded. Pearl Forum Snare.

 Silver paint grip tape.
 Bushings hi-hat clutch.
 Gripped pedals 
 Old Deck

 Custom Black Cherry x Chocolate Stain.
 Taped for stripes.

 Sealing in a bug free zone.
 Assembly begins.
 Silver Grip Tape Snare with Bearing Air Vent.
 Switch Bass Decal

 Independent Trucks chop block, Bearing Air Vent, Spitfire Kit, Gripped Bass Drum Hoops & Recycled Deck Badges.

 Skate Wheel Bass Beater.

Rebuilt from Westbury Tom, Floor Tom & Bass. Pearl Forum Snare and Dixon Piccolo Snare. Custom Stain and Stripe finish inspired by Travis Barker's Wrestlemania kit. Pearl hi-hat stand and DW bass pedal. 
Cymbals - Zildjian A New Beat Hi-hats, 8" Sabian Prototype Rocktagon stacked on 10" Pearl Splash, 14" Sabian AAX - 15" Dark Crash, 16" X-plosion Crash, 16" Areo Crash, 17" X-plosion Chinese & 20" Pearl Wild Ride.