Friday, 3 April 2015

Spott's Favourite Things

This is a totally random blog post about some of the things, skate related, that I like.

1. The Mutt - How to Skateboard and Not Kill Yourself. 
 Rodney Mullens autobiography is great. Covering the stories you knew (skating on an isolated farm in Florida) to some your didn't (smoking and quitting smoking weed at a very young age).

2. Stalefish - Skateboard Culture from the Rejects Who Made It.
 Featuring short stories from the ledgends. If you know who Alex Olson is but not his father, Steve Olson, get your head out of your ass and read this book.

3. Machotaildrop
Speaking of Steve Olsen...  This weird fantasy is like Willy Wonka meets Wes Anderson meets a sponsor me tape.  With Rick McCrank playing a veteran skater and Steve Olson playing the owner of a cake/skate shop you have to check it out. Try youtube.

4. Jeff Grosso's Love Letters to Skateboarding.
Pro Jeff Grosso takes us on a journey of his wandering mind back to the origins of tricks, classic skateparks and whatever else he feels like.

5. The Berrics - BATB
The Flatground comp to end all flatground comps

6. Girls Skate Network.
I love seeing anyone enjoy skateboarding as much as I do, regardless of skill level, and let me point out; these ladies are skilled.

7. Chicks in Bowls.
My awesome wife does Roller Derby and has migrated to the skateparks with me. I'm hyped to see her and her team mates push themselves in the park as these women do.

8. The Amazing Richie Jackson Skateboard Show.
Richie Jackson hosts a youtube show as unique as his skating.

9. William Spencer.
Just one of many skaters with a distinctive style.

10. Built to Shred
If you can find full episodes, watch them. Weather it's skating ridiculous contraptions or teaching you how to make a book ledge in the Hammered & Screwed segments you'll come away entertained or educated.