Friday, 27 March 2015

Dew Underground

Dew Underground
Park 265
A temporary pop-up park sponsored by Mountain Dew with a tight mini-ramp, some rails ledges and banks & a small half pipe.

 Some great street artists did some work. 
Skull by Bacon.

 Free Mountain Dew and Doritos.

I worked in this building as a teen making frames one summer.

Dew Underground is also hosting concerts, video game events and DIY events.
 I submitted one of my stencils for the silk screening workshop and it was used.

Underground is on until April 19th.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Winter Wrap-up

Winter Wrap-up.
This winter was almost worse that last winter. No major ice storm but we have 30 or more days of freezing temperatures. 
Here's the highlights.

1. December 22nd I got out to Elmira and skated my 264th park. 

2. Continued hanging with Skate Club.

3. Kitchener unveiled the final design for Fischer Park. Looks familiar. 

4. My friend Rick and his daughter, Esther, visited and she played on the ramps.

5. Found a new project.

6. My friend posted a cool shot of me at the Bala park last summer.

7. Had a baby. Well, my wife had a baby (on Christmas) and he's had a deck since birth. Today we went on out first scouting mission.

8. Aurora Family Leisure Complex Skatepark is finished.

Also, word on the street is the Grand Opening of the Elmira Skatepark will be on May 30th.