Saturday, 23 August 2014

Road Rage 2014

Earlier this year I joined up with Skate Club Toronto. What is Skate Club? This is how they describe themselves.

"Skate club is bros that get together every week to skate and take some time for the occasional comp, skate trip and a "thought of the day". "

Road Rage is a meeting of the different Skate Clubs in eastern Canada.
A crazy journey of Clubs from Pembrooke, Toronto, Oshawa, Picton, Wellesley and Winnipeg.
We met at Ashbridges Bay Plaza in Toronto and ended in Montreal.  Here's what went down.
 School rain in Pickering on day 2.

 Too soggy to skate or fly.
 Skated in this covered lacrosse rink.
 Picton, where I did the awesome leg bruise last month.

 Planking manny pads.

 Skate spot in Kingston.
 Hospitality in Brockville. 
 New and Old mix at the Kemptville skatepark. # 239
 Richcraft C.C. Skatepark, Kanata, ON. # 240

 Legendary Legacy Skatepark, Ottawa, ON. #241

 The Bros chilling at Legacy.
 Ripping the Olympic grounds, Montreal.

 Ah, where'd that shark come from?
 La Taz. Montreal
 Project 45 Montreal
 Town on Mont Royal. # 244
 Downtown Montreal.

 Fun times with good kids.
That ain't even the half of it. 
Road Rage has a video contest. The videos from each team are screened at a theater. Toronto came in third place. Watch it here.

Till next time.


  1. Wonderful! I like longboarding so much.This post have the colloection of longboarding pics. Its awesome.

  2. Very detail. Nice pic. Thank for sharing.