Thursday, 26 June 2014

Lots more fun in June.

Get outside and have some fun.
 Fort Erie, ON. Started getting bank to ledges here.
 Niagara Falls, ON. Nice old classic park.  Park # 213.
 June 21, 2014. Go Skateboarding Day. Cleared the Bank to Ledge @ ARC. has been working behind the scenes to fund raise and now it's time to start designing.
A small group of very passionate youths ( and myself ) came out to give out input. 
 Getting down to business.  I'm showing Kyle one of my ideas. Will it make the park?
The dudes put stickers on the features they like. I gave my stickers away. I have ideas but it's not my park and I feel like my say shouldn't matter.
The Crew and Ruby. She's been working hard behind the scenes. Thanks Ruby.

Monday, 16 June 2014

And Now...Some Nature.

I have always love nature and hiking and wildlife so when I spotted a bunch of birds I'dd never ID'd before I just kept looking. Also, my (wifes) camera, while great, is not the best for birding, so it adds to the challenge. I just love seeing whatever I happen to find weather it be birds, mammals, abandoned buildings or cool dirt jumps.  

splatter art 4

Did another round of splatter art in the yard. This time I had a project I was working on for a fee, one for myself and a roller derby poster project.
Did this one for $$$. 
The Chair of Power and Burden.  I did this one for the director/friend of a play I had the privilege to take part in. He wrote about it in his blog.
 This is based of some graffiti at the Whistler, BC skatepark in 2006.  It's the first art I did just for myself.
This one just happened when the silver and red paint didn't blend. I like it and it's not supposed to be violent.
Roller Derby!
I did these for a Derby event and everybody seemed to love them. The GTA Rollergirls used it for their event.
Some were given away and others were auctioned off.  Time to get rich of this passtime.


Some nice weather!
It was a long time coming so here we go, back on a board, skating better than ever. Churning out more art and picking up a new hobby, birding! It's neater than it sounds.
So Let's Start With Parks.

 Burlington, ON - Nelson Arena. I went to the planning session and open house for this park.  In the end, the city, without consultation, removed the mini-ramp from the design and went with modular concrete with poured base instead of PIP.  Not the worse park ever but, will it stand the test of time? 
 Oshawa, ON - Lakeshore Park. I think the picture says it all. I just hit it to hit it. Park 205.
 Addington Highlands, ON.  This park must be at least 10 years old but rides great. My friend thinks it looks like the Millennium Falcon. He has sith for brains.
The same day i hit Madoc, ON again. Just a great park.
Went out to London, ON and hit some of there newest parks.  The Stoney creek YMCA has a bunch of skateable ledges and banks with metal reinforcements.  Watch out for the pebble inlays. 
Rivers Edge Park is another community sized parks in London.
Sprinkbank Park is a nice, flowey park. I climbed up in a tree to get this shot.
Stouffville, ON has a new park @ Memorial Park. All round great park with something for every skater. It will be great when the landscaping is done. Park 210!