Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Late November in the 365 Project.

Late November in the 365 Project.
November is getting cold but that's no reason to stop skating. The trees are bare which makes spot scouting for next year easier. The indoor parks are busy but there's always a chance to learn new tricks and make new friends.
Day 326. Exterminate.
Day 327. 50th anniversary of Dr. Who.  It used to really freak me out as a kid.
 Day 328.  On a frozen Sunday morning I hit Underpass Park. It's dry.

 Day 329. Built a 6 trucked, 12 wheeled board.

 Day 330.  Getting boardslides on the mini!
 Doing them pretty well until I bailed and the board smacked into the GoPro. Oops.

Day 331.  Found a video on changing a GoPro Lens. Maybe I can fix this.
 Test shot ain't too bad. 
Lesson learned; Keep GoPro in housing.

Friday, 22 November 2013

365 Project: Hmmmmm *lick*

365 Project: Hmmmmm *lick*
My dog came up with this title.
 Day 322. Checking out Rodney Mullens Autobiography.
 Day 323. A little Halloween present from the wifey.
 Day 324. 
Day 325. Some under deck GoPro action.

Sunday, 17 November 2013

365 Project Mid-November Blues.

Day 316. Another (Canadian) skate book.
 Day 317. Best I can do for Movember.
 Day 318. Sun rising, plane landing.
 Day 319. Sense. This photo makes very little of it.
 Day 320. Slammed & slammed & slammed until I finally landed this sketchy Malton 5 set.
 Day 321. Rainbows do make everything better.

Monday, 11 November 2013

11th Month of the 365 Project.

11th Month of the 365 Project.
November is in like a butt load of lame.
The weather sucks big time.
Thank goodness for indoor parks.
Still learning new tricks.
 Day 305. If Halloween is done right, it ends in November!
 Day 306. Nose Pick Fakie I think.
 Day 307. Protect your brain.
 Day 308. My other love.
 Day 309. Celebrating the 120th birthday of 'The Father of Industrial Design' Raymond Loewy, 
the man who designed the Cola bottle.
 Day 310. When life gives you a giant pile of leaves, jump in!
 Day 311. North Oshawa.
 Day 312. Juice - Pools, Pipes and Punk Rock!
 Day 313. Eating a "Sk8R Boi" burger while skating.
 Day 314. Rolled up my sleeve and got my Flu Shot.
Day 315. Today we remember.

Saturday, 2 November 2013

October in Review: 365 project.

Happy Scotchtober!
 Found this big momma in the lawn.
 King City Bowl
 Scouting out pools.
 Port Colborne.
 The treehouse build.
 Couple of hawks.
 Wax On.

 CJ's Minis
 Major Niagara mission.
 ManWolf is keeping this baby.
 Drumming. This was shot by my friend of somethingity-something years. Long time.

Day 301
Started by going to The Aud in Kitchener, ON
 Then went to Ricks farm and got a kickflip, in work boots, in a silo.
 Hit the Waterloo park and got a rock and roll up the stairs.
Then I went and donated blood.
And hit the Cambridge park right after and met up with Marty from Nudecks for a skate.

Happy Halloween from the loonies.