Saturday, 26 October 2013

365 Project Returns.

365 Project Niagara.
 Day 288. Geese at the Pickering park.
 Day 289. The dust cleaned off the ramps.
 Day 290. Lost my board to a mud puddle @ ARC.
 Day 291. This is why parks should be built by park designers.
 Day 292.  Beginning of the Halloween party.
 Day 293. Later @ the Halloween party.
 Day 294.
 Day 295. Hit CJ's after work. I guess I'm not the most famous person to go there.
 Day 296. Had to get a new phone. Military grade for impact protection.
Day 297. Working on the next set-up.

Day 298. Return to Niagara.
 Virgil, ON.  Wooden modular on asphalt.
 Thorold, ON.  Orillia level construction.
 Under the canal again.
St. Catherines, ON. Built by New Line in 2005. This is a great park but they don't build them like this any more. They build them better!  130th park this year.

Monday, 14 October 2013

Quick 10 days in the 365 Project.

Quick 10 days in the 365 Project.
I've been admittedly laying low since the 200th park but I haven't been skipping duties.
 Day 277. Mister Zeke.
 Day 278. I <3 Skateboarding.
 Day 279. Goosebumps, the 20+ year old Leopard Gecko.
 Day 280. New art at the Pickering Park.
 Day 281. Port Union Park.
 Day 282. Neil's a sweathog.
 Day 283. Someone pooed in my cornflakes.
 Day 284. Partying with my friend Laura.
 Day 285. Look at what I build
Day 286. Evil Dog/Cute Dog.
 Day 287. What!?

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Sprained ankle? Ain't nobody got time for that. 365 Project.

How to hit 200 park with a messed ankle.
 Day 274.  One of my first ollies circa 1995 over a flaming hockey stick. Canadian kids, eh?
 Day 275. Gave Nige a deck with a customized grip. Happy birthday, buddy!
Hit King City yesterday and twisted my ankle. Kept skating anyway.

Day 276.
Woke up this morning with a pretty sore and stiff ankle.
Ended up passing Maple Park so I hit it.
Grimsby, ON park # 198.
Welland, ON park #199.
 Port Colborne, ON
 Giant flowing park in Lock 8 park.

Happy 200th park.
Just a little sore. Couple days of light skating coming up.

365 Projects best of September.

365 Projects end of September.
 Day 272. Thanks dick.
Day 273. Bolton, ON.

Best of September.
There's not a lot here because of heavier posts this month.
 New deck in the basement.
 Watch out for decks.
 Underpass park.