Sunday, 29 September 2013

365 Project. Still fun!

I'm still having fun. Everyday I get my skate on and family and friends say they can see the improvement in my skating.  I'm getting harder and bigger tricks and linking tricks together. I'm even looking forward to winter so I have to hit indoor parks(mainly CJ's) more.
Day 270.
 Went out to Woodstock, ON to check out their park with Sean.
 The "Waterfall" was cool. Each transition was different and we numbered them 1 to 5.
 Street-ish section.
Flow section.

 Southside Park.
 Sean hits a clean 5-0.
Up 4 rock and roll down 3.
3 cheers for gravity.
Day 271. New sculpture at ARC. Everything looks better with a skateboard.

365 project crashes back to reality.

365 project crashes back to reality.
 Day 262. Some gear from Green Apple Skate Shop in Winnipeg.
 Day 263. Stickering up Pickering.
 Day 264. Next deck from SK8 Skates in Winnipeg.
 Day 265. Taking care of one-eyed Billy.
 Day 266. someone went nuts with the pink wax at Malton.
 Day 267. Patrick lounging with my shoe.
 Day 268. Mississauga waterfront.
Day 269. Billy and the longboard I got my bro-in-law for Christmas.

Thursday, 19 September 2013

365 Project hits the road. Day 9

Day 261.
9th day of trip.
Only full family trip photo we got. Love them. So glad they had a good trip too.
 Kalamazoo, Michigan.

South Westnedge Park, Portage, Michigan.

Met up with my friend Lana and her family in Michigan. Great to see her.

23 parks in 9 days.
2 provinces.
5 states.
Gnarly wife.
Great family.
Great Friends.

Push yourself and have fun.

365 Project hits the road. Day 8

Day 260.
8th day of trip.
 Total grassroots fundraising in Tomah, WI.
Check them out.
 Skateworks, Rockford, Illinois.

 Michigan City, Indiana.  Online review of the park is good but says "Watch out for gangsters."

 Think we can get an upgrade?

One more day. Awesomeness!!!

365 Project hits the road. Day 7

Day 259.
7th day of trip.
Ollied this 3 set at the continental divide in Minnesota.
 Mall of America
 Lakeshore Plaza in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.
 After 2 wrong turns.

365 Project hits the road. Day 6

Day 258.
6th day of trip.
With plans to travel through the USA with my parents Amy and I headed to Southern MB to hit a few more parks.
But first we hit Happyland Snakerun. Wasn't so happy today. This is one of the first skateparks in Manitoba.
 Great weather so we hit Komenda again.
Amy's Awesome!
 Giant Van Gogh
 Altona, MB
Pine Ridge Plaza, Winkler, Manitoba

 Mom and Dad. Let's convoy.
Crossed the boarder.
 Dike West Skatepark, Fargo, North Dakota. Didn't see any wood chippers.