Saturday, 31 August 2013

Eight Straight Months of the 365 Project.

Eight Straight Months of the 365 Project.
Getting to the end of August, 2013.

 Day 239. Tried this sketchy spot by the Malton skatepark. Didn't get it....yet.
 Day 240. Shin protecting socks and new shoes.
 Day 241. Finally got a kickflip next to this heart of gold.
 Day 242. Hung out with Dave and his baby, Izzy and watched skate vids.
Day 243. Did some recon and found the 3rd Markham skatespot is soon to open. (more on future parks in the monthly recap)

And so ends August. I spent too much time working and the weather was kinda lame. September holds big plans. Stay tuned. 

Monday, 26 August 2013

365 Project in late-mid-August.

365 Project in late-mid-August.
 Day 232.  Hit a hill I'd been eyeing for a few years. Unfortunately, it was gravel except for a small paved stretch down the hill.
 Day 233. Hit 2 parks after work making this the 90th park of the year.
Day 234. Hit another 2 parks after work.
 Day 235.  Went on a skate date with my board and saw KICK-ASS 2.
Day 236.  Did the score keeping at a derby game.
 Day 237. Ollied the stairs at a local school. Real Street!
Day 238. Wolverine hoodie.

Monday, 19 August 2013

365 Project gets Tougher.

365 Project gets Tougher.
After the baseball tourney I discovered 2 things. 
1. Skating all year has really increased my cardio.
2. Skating does not use the same muscles as baseball.
I'm still feeling it but I skate on. 
 Day 228. Some sweet Star Wars art for a friend.
Day 229. My friend was cleaning out her place and found the key chain and guest passes for a rave I threw.
Ignore the pile of cash.
Day 230. Finally feeling well enough to have a good skate so I hit Malton at sundown.
Day 231. Ended up in Orangeville, ON and wallied the big block.

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Stiff upper lip on the 365 project.

And by upper I mean lower and by lip I mean back. Yup, kinda sore so I took it easy this week. And by "took it easy" I mean I didn't skate too much every day.
 Day 221. 
 Day 222.
 Day 223.
 Day 224. I sure like energy drinks.
 Day 225. Last of the Mississauga parks. This one is at city hall.
 Day 226. Located this spot on Black Creek,
 with the location from the SBC photo annual 2012 cover.
And there was a pole jam.
Day 227. Played ball on "Yo Mamma's Sox" for the Medics Help Tournament.

Thursday, 8 August 2013

365 Project in August. An Epic Day of Epic Epicness.

365 Project in August. An Epic Day of Epic Epicness.
Day 220.
How can I choose a single photo of the day when today was so great.
In typical fashion I was up and out early to fit a few parks.
First stop, Coburg, ON.

Park #171.  Lots of puddles, some bent kick plates, concrete degrading in spots but at least the set-up has a logical flow to it.
Campbellford, ON.
Got held up ( delayed not robbed ) by a boat on the Trent/Severn waterway.
The park in right by the river and it truly is one of my favourite skateparks. The previous time I was here was also an epic day. Today was no exception cause when I pulled up I saw...
 This monster. Isn't he just great.
 Got the board in there for a sense of scale. get it.
As the late Steve Irwin would say "Gorgeous!"

Oh yes, the park.

 One of the sweetest bowls ever.
 New shade structure.
 Nice info panel with a bit from my hero, Jim Barnum, President of Spectrum Skatepark Creations ltd.
 Played with the GoPro.
Frontside up the Step-up gap. Last time I was here I couldn't 50-50 a ledge.

Cooling down, I took a walk by the river and spotted more life.
Nature Rocks.

Driving south I stopped at another spot on the river.
Nice to sit for a minute with having to fall off my board.

Off to my next adventure.
Brighton, ON.  Park 172 and 84th park for the year.

Leaving the area how could I not hit the Big Apple?
 You say no to that face.
Acting mature again.

I'm gonna go eat pie. 
Apple, duh!

16000km's What?