Sunday, 28 July 2013

365 project on the Island.

365 project on the Island.

 Went out to Toronto Island on Day 207 with my friend Jordan.  
We zoomed around the island.
Saw this little guy. I know you can't see him but there is a weasel on the rock. It dove into the water and came up with a fish. It was not an otter.
Acting dignified with the ladies who were also enjoying the weasel.
 Found this Toronto Island ghetto skate spot.
And rode it. Park 169!
 I discovered I'm as tall as a light house.

And got this little dude on camera.
I also did this.

 Day 208. Mom came over and helped me out with the garden so I bought lunch from The Works. How could I resist a burger called "SK8R Boy" complete with peanut butter, havarti and bacon. Mmmmmmmmm.
Day 209. This is my dogs empty H2O dish. It's filled now and is one of several dishes they have. Spent the afternoon watching old Xgames on youtube.

As I have been doing this whole year of skate I've meet people who are just as driven as myself to build skateboarding. I haven't met this guy but his story is great. Nelson Kiefert has been skating from New Mexico to Washington state to raise funds for a park in his home town of Shiprock, New Mexico. The story is here and here  

He's made it to California in the heat of summer(and I think it's hot here).  Anything helps.

Thursday, 25 July 2013

365 Project hits Justin Biebers home town.

365 Project hits Justin Biebers home town.
Trust me, I only use "Justin Bieber" as a buzz word that might attract more hits. I can't say anything nice so I won't say anything about him.  Although he did sign a car...Google it.

Day 205.
I had BIG plans for day 205, but I just wasn't feeling it. I won't divulge the details of my "big plans" but they involved more driving than I did and I'll leave it at that.

I hit the Mini-ramp in Wellesley, ON.
It's at the Community Centre and most of the park is indoors.

Went over to my friends place for breakfast and hung out for a while.
Hit the Baden, ON park on the way through town. The ramps are good enough but the old tennis court in pretty haggard.

Stratford, ON. Hit The Biebs hometown park and was pretty unimpressed. Concrete pre-fab on pretty lousy asphalt. Lots of bent kick plates. Something really nice could be done on the same location.
Lastly, I made it to St. Marys, ON. Nice little park but something seems awfully familiar. Chatted with some local kids about nearby parks. 

Left St. Marys and headed home. 

Day 206
Hit the big X at AJAX in honour of Rosalind Franklin's 93rd birthday.
For those who don't know, she recognised the structure of DNA is a Double Helix. Science!
 Discussing defibrillation with a group of kids at the skate park. I'm a paramedic if you didn't know.
 Big Rock on the J.

I guess some days are better than others. Justin Bieber, Justin Bieber, Justin Bieber!

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

365 project breaks 200.

365 project breaks 200.
 Day 200. My spoon is too big. (Rejected Cartoons By Don Hertzfeldt. watch it here -
 As promised, Uxbridge battle scar.
Day 201. BYOBox
Day 202. Met John and his friend Christian @ Malton. Christian told me there's other parks in Mississauga.
 Day 203. So I hit them. 165 parks lifetime, 75 different parks this year.
     Day 204. Another day @ AJAX.

365 Project Presents; Spott the Loonies best birthday ever!

365 Project Presents; Spott the Loonies best birthday ever!
Day 199. AKA July 18th, 2013.
On my Birthday I woke up at 6am and drove to a parking lot in Etobicoke. 
Here I am.
8th in line. Not bad. But what for?
Tony Hawk!!!!!! He told me it's also one of his sons birthday.
After the signing there was a Vert Demo Featuring Tony Hawk(duh), Lizzie Armanto, Mitchie Brusco, Kevin Stabb, Elliot Sloan and Lincoln Ueda.
This Ramp was setup in a matter of hours.
 Kevin Stabb being awesome. He wished me a happy birthday.
 Birdman pulled a 720 even with a giant purple hip bruise.
 This little girl kept rolling up and spinning this guys wheel.
"Hey, it's my birthday. Will you sign this?" works well. Got everyone on the tour.
Thanks to Jesse ( for some of these shots, like the one above.
Spent the rest of the day with family. It was also awesome.

Wednesday, 17 July 2013


Day 197
The Rundown.
 Hit Ashbridges Bay.
 Dropped off the Baitshop deck and skated the in-store mini.

Hit the Hoof on the way home.

 Day 198. Went to Uxbridge with Amy this morning. Frontside Rock.
One of the first thing I did was bail badly doing a 50-50 and basically dove to the flat bottom on the 5.5 foot quarter. Pics to follow.

Tomorrow's my birthday. Whatever will I do?

365 Project is TOO HOT...

Not that I'm complaining. It's 34 Degrees C and with humidity it feels like 42. So you really have to pace yourself, sunscreen, drink lots of H2O and replace your electrolytes. But you have to push yourself to actually step out of your air conditioned bubble.

Day 196
On a Mission to hit all the parks in Vaughan, ON.(there's 6)
Carville Mill
 Carville Mill mini.
Villa Royale
 Threw some grip tape on the top of the wedge. The metal cap is to slick to get a lock on for any stalls. Works great now.
Jack Pine.
Less than a kilometer away is Freedom Park.
Featuring the rail from nowhere, 
 And the no run out ledge.
 12 oaks.
 Not content to stop at 6 parks I hit Richmond Green in Richmond Hill, ON.
Then I hit Cummer park in Toronto, ON.
New personal best of 8 parks in 1 day.
World record, btw, is 31 parks in 1 day.(you can watch Color Mags video, A Test of Mettle here -

 Did a two sided deck for The Baitshop(  later that evening. I got swarmed by bugs and titled this piece "The MosquitoBaitshop"