Thursday, 23 May 2013

365 Project heads north. A little bit north. not too north.

Pretty nice week so I got outside.
 Day 137.  Drove to Tottenham, was scared and left some art, and hit Beeton, Bradford & Aurora on the way home.
Day 138. Enjoyed Uxbridge on a Saturday morning.
 Day 139. I received a letter recognising the time I volunteered for the Burlington Skate Park Design meeting.
 Day 140
 Day 141. East York Skate Park.
 Day 142. Typical view of the back of my car. Medic stuff, Skateboard.
Day 143. Old skate video with a friend featured in it.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

365 Project

Party On!
 Day 131. We had a party with some Roller Derby friends. PJ party theme, everyone in onesies.
 Day 132. Still parting!
 Day 133. This is the Q I learned to drop in on. Memorial to local skater "Bud" in the background. RIP
 Day 134. After hitting Sutton (and Sutton hitting back, hard!) I almost didn't stop in Stouffville.  They should have a new park by the end of the year.
 Day 135. Long boarded down to Frenchman's Bay Yacht Club and crewed on a family friends 25 foot sailboat for race night. 
Day 136. Mapped out all my Southern Ontario parks and "highlighted" some faves.

Friday, 10 May 2013

365 Project Kicks into High Gear...or something.

365 project
Day 126.  Got the Thrasher Issue with CSFU. Awesome!
Day 127. Went to a design workshop for a upcoming skatespot in Burlington. Then hit a CPoS(certified piece of suck).
 Day 128. New kicks.
Day 129. One of my skate buddies had a surprise wedding. Congrats!
Day 130. Newer Kicks cause the other ones were a little too large. Also "Boomstick 2" which I made.

Sunday, 5 May 2013

365 project enters May. And nice weather, finally.

Winter is gone. Spring never came. Summer is here!
Welcome to the 365 Project in May.
 Day 121. A little look back at the design process for the micro-mini
 Day 122. New LEDs in the fireplace and handplant wallrides.
 Day 123. Spent the day in the yard doing splatter art.(it will get its own post)
 Day 124. Hit Gananoque on the way to Amys Derby game in Kingston.
 Then hit Grenadier Skatespot in Kingston...
 and Polson Skatepark...
and this DIY spot at Memorial Arena. (Park 141)
Day 125. Pickering held a Hip Hop in the Park event the previous day and there was fresh graffiti everywhere.(legal)

365 Project month 4 extras

Zoidberg selfshot. I could see nothing.
 Some nifty tail lights for my longboard.
 Noseblunt spine transfer.
 King City, ON Send a message off the Jim of Spectrum.
 Bunkland in Cannington.
 The old Cannington park.
 The Uxbridge bowl.

The kNOw Skateboarding exhibit was small but great. Worth the 4$ admission.

365 Project April ends...

365 Project.
 Day 116. Malton
 Day 117.  Skate of Die on Morse Code. (pic won't rotate)
 Day 118. A little sparks in the fireplace.
Day 119. Hit the kNOw Skateboarding exhibit at the Guelph Civic Museum.
Day 120. Pickering Park in the Skate-mobile.
coming up next....month 4 extras.