Thursday, 25 April 2013

Declassifying the 365 Project

Declassifying the 365 Project
Finished the Secret Project
 Day 113
 Day 114
 Day 115 Ajax North.

Some of the build.
 lighting in place.
 Brick and tile work complete
 Sheeted and done.
The "Fireplace" is born.
Brick coping grinds good with a few layers of clear coat.

Monday, 22 April 2013

Better things happening in the 365 Project

365 Project in mid april.
Day 106. Working on the ramp.
 Day 107. Bunkland in Cannington, ON.
Day 108. Toy Skateboarders package ripped open in Patricks crate by Gretchen.
 Day 109. UV splatter art.
 Day 110. Top Secret.
 Day 111. Early morning at the Malton park.
Day 112. Port Union.

Just a few more days till the big reveal.

Monday, 15 April 2013

365 project breaks milestones!

365 Project
Day 102.  Fresh Ink from Greg @ Sals Tattoo, skating @ CJ's! (it's NaHco3, sodium bicarb)
 Day 103.   Gretchen the dog is a silly lady.
 Day 104. Pulling the center out to rework it.
 Day 105. Park 135.  King City, ON
 Sweet pocket in the shadow of the water tower.
Composite of the park.

Thursday, 11 April 2013

100 Days

A little about day 100.  Recap....
Sooo... The plan was to hit an indoor on the way home from work. On the way there I had to take a major detour due to a road closure due to an accident.  When I finally made it, I discovered the park was closed. Closed Down.
Also, being Wednesday, my other favorite indoor has its bikes and blades night. No boards.
So I picked up some sorrow pizza and headed home.
Tried to get this handstand on the board and failed.
Got the best tail-stall shuv I've ever gotten but missed the shot.
Lame.  Still 265 days left to go.

However......Winter was not done. Day 101.
But you gotta make the most out of every day!

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

365 Project in April

365 Project in April
 Day 096 Pillow Fight Day
Day 097 Hit 4 Skateparks and a Loading dock after a night shift and before church.
 Day 098 Rode this awful Walmart board (the laminates were peeling) and again at home.
 Day 099 Some splatter art on found decks.
Day 100 If this photo is a let was the day. But, as always, I skated.

365 in April

April 2013
Day 092 Wub wub wub Wub!
 Day 093 Animal!!!
 Day 094  Took the new ride to the Pickering park.
Day 095

Monday, 1 April 2013

365 Project month 03 extras.

March Extras
 Dentist day. Get it? Teeth!
 Adams Birthday. 42!
 March 14  Pi day.
Marks birthday/blink182 album mini park.
 GSP Def. Diaz
 6AM skating back to my car.
 Tail stall shuv-it out.
 Another CME doodle
Don't you hit your head?  Well, now I have. Faceplant!

365 Project enters month 04!

As the 365 project ends March and enters April the weather is still more Rawr then Gnar! 
 Day 085.  Went curling with Friends from work and "Team Darkside" hit the skatepark afterwards!
Day 086.  Skating With Skaters - Ritchie Jackson. 
Day 087.  Kick flip doodle at CME.
 Day 088.  Met up with 2006 road trip buddy Garrett and had a little skate and a few drinks.
 Day 089.  Rave!
Day 090.  Happy Easter
 Day 091.  Made this & I forgot to skate. April Fools. I can't believe it's snowing. Not fooling.