Thursday, 31 January 2013

Couple More

A couple more Toronto parks.
 Dufferin Grove. Park 110 (I did not take this pic. All credit where its due)
 Dundas and Bathurst. Seasonal park but it's popular.
East York. I have issues with the design of this park but it's alright.

the C word

A couple more parks from the life list.
 CBMK Park 132 I know its up already
 CJ's Skateboard Park Toronto(park 64)
 Cambridge, ON 
 Campbellford, ON This is always in my top 3. (park 88)
 City of Kawartha Lakes - Lindsay, ON
 City of Kawartha Lakes - Omemee, ON
 Courtice, ON
Cummer - Toronto, ON Probably the 1st outdoor skate park I ever went to.

Monday, 28 January 2013

365 skate project.

So this week I had a little fun with the photographs as well as learned some new skills.
So without further ado I present Costume Hoodie Week!
 Day 021 Spiderman
 Day 022 Jack Skellington rocks next to Mr. Oogie Boogie
 Day 023 Clone Trooper vs. Stormtrooper
 Day 024 Darth Vader uses the power of the dark side. (I use wire)
 Day 025 The Vertical Wookie
 Day 26 Boba Fette reverts. Also got 1st tail stall backside revert.
Day 27 Princess Leia takes on Stormtrooper.

Many more fun costumes to come.  338 Days to go!

Tuesday, 22 January 2013


Some American Parks.
X-treme Wheels Park
 Buffalo, NY 

 Knoxville, TN This park is the size of a baseball diamond.
Lexington, KY, he he he ky.

The B list, part 2

The B list, part 2

Brampton, ON
 Jim Archdekin Rec Center
 Chinguacousy Park
 McMurchy Park
 Cassie Campbell Rec Center
Ray Lawson Rec Center

Burlington, ON
 Maple Park
 Mountainside Park. Slurry Park
Norton. Blam. This place is awesome.

the B list

This is the B list
Not bad parks(maybe) but the many B parks. this will require 2 posts.
 Bancroft, ON 
 Baden, ON after the wood ramps were replaced.
 Bala, ON
 Belleville, ON
 Barrie, ON
 Big O, Montreal, QC
 Bolton, ON
 Bowmanville, ON This place sucks.
 Bracebridge, ON
 Brockville, ON
Brantford, ON

a little bit more

A little bit more of the life list.  Numbered and "A" Parks.
 24/7 Skate church in Burlington, ON
 8th Street, Toronto, ON 
 Ajax north
Ajax South
 Acton, ON
 Azilda, ON. near sudbury
 Ashbridges Bay, Toronto ON.