Tuesday, 31 December 2013

The grand finale of the 365 project

And the beginning of some else.
 Day 361. No one else has hit the wallride...yet.
 Day 362. 
 Day 363. This year was Pretty Sweet!
 Day 364. This is an accurate manifestation of my thoughts at any given time. 
Day 365.
So we come to the end of 365 straight days of skating (probably 366 since I'm fairly sure I skated Dec. 31 of last year too) so I took some time to reflect. Watching Bob Burnquist's Dreamland and his giant air to fakie. But if you think I took it easy you don't know me well. After working a 12 hour night shift I came home and started skating. Not just a little 2 wall diddle but full out, high speed shredding.  I'm attempting to get a wallride to fakie. It's difficult but I've got a lifetime to get it.

It's been the greatest year even though their have been hardships.
I've met some of my heroes.
Made new friends.
Hung out with old ones.
2013 may be ending but 2014 is just another chance to progress.
I'm done with this year but I'm not done yet. 

Friday, 27 December 2013

The Great Ice Storm & the 365 Project.

The Great Ice Storm & the 365 Project.
Day 354. Spotney The Skate Elf is Gathering Boards for Santa.
 Made another Snow Board.
Oh, Gus Gus.
 Day 355. Met up with Tattooed Santa @ Thrive Studios.
 Day 356. Ice Storm hits Pickering and the GTA and knocks out my power for about 65 hours. One branch nearly hit my dog. Fortunately, this was our only damage.
 Day 357. Still icy.
 Day 358. Still Skating on Christmas Eve.
Day 359. Skating Santa brings Elecricity, Joy & skateboards.
 Day 360. I'm gonna have so much fun with this hoodie.

Seriously? Only 5 more days?  I'm working a stretch of nights but I'll make them count.

Friday, 20 December 2013

Christmas & the 365 Project.

Christmas & the 365 Project.
It's getting pretty Christmas-y around with the frequent winter weather. Winter starts tomorrow by the way.
 Day 344. Deck the Halls.
 Day 345. Santa Jack drops gift cards off at high speed.
 Day 346.  The Poinsettia was discovered in Southern Mexico by American botanist Joel Roberts Poinsett, whose death is commemorated by Poinsettia Day. The scientific name for the Poinsettia is Euphorbia Pulcherrima.
 Day 347. Rudolph the Red Noseblunt pull-in.
 Day 348. High speed decorating.
 Day 349.  Would you consider this a snow board?
 Day 350. Blunt 50-50 on a reindeer. I also fell hard and shook my noodle. Concussion?
 Day 351. Santa hits the foam pit @ CJ's. 
 Day 352. The red-nosed longboard.
Day 353. Stockings are hung by the chimney with care.

Monday, 9 December 2013

Christmas comes to the 365 Project.

It's December and that means it's getting cold and "The Holidays" are upon us.
For me, it's 25 days of Christmas skating followed by a week of winter. And skating.
 Day 335. Sometimes you plan a picture. Sometimes you bail first wall and faceplant in your jammies.
 Day 336. Rocking some antlers.
 Day 337.
 Day 338. Christmas tree made of dead decks and decorated with wheels, trucks and a helmet on top.
 Day 339. Last outdoor skate? Got the boardslide over the snow.
 Day 340! Candy cane and slick hat.
 Day 341. Watching the Tampa AM. Go TJ Rogers! Whitby represent!
Day 342.  Just skating with The Bumble. Watching the old Rankin/Bass stop motion "Rudolph" is one of my traditions. 
 Day 343. Playing with lights and cameras.

Finally found the fireplace remote.

Sunday, 1 December 2013

365 Project ends the eleventh month.

365 Project ends the eleventh month.
No month in review this month. Didn't have any extra fun.
 Day 332.
 Day 233.
Day 334.

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Late November in the 365 Project.

Late November in the 365 Project.
November is getting cold but that's no reason to stop skating. The trees are bare which makes spot scouting for next year easier. The indoor parks are busy but there's always a chance to learn new tricks and make new friends.
Day 326. Exterminate.
Day 327. 50th anniversary of Dr. Who.  It used to really freak me out as a kid.
 Day 328.  On a frozen Sunday morning I hit Underpass Park. It's dry.

 Day 329. Built a 6 trucked, 12 wheeled board.

 Day 330.  Getting boardslides on the mini!
 Doing them pretty well until I bailed and the board smacked into the GoPro. Oops.

Day 331.  Found a video on changing a GoPro Lens. Maybe I can fix this.
 Test shot ain't too bad. 
Lesson learned; Keep GoPro in housing.